Natur Active

The hands are almost always in plain view. Manicured hands — this is what attracts, creates an impression of the person. In ancient times, when the knights could only dream of a lovely lady, their dearest wish was to touch the hand of his beloved. And the ladies carefully care their hands in order the ladies' man has admired the velvety and tender skin once again.

Consider for a moment how much your hands make. Almost everything that surrounds us in everyday life was made by human hands. Hands more often than other parts of the body exposed to the active mechanical, thermal and chemical influence. The hands are writing, drawing, typing on a computer keyboard, turning the steering wheel, washing, cleaning … In most cases, they are exposed to highly aggressive environment. The skin becomes dry, rough, and cracked without special care. Fortunately, the research center of CJSC "Vitex" has specially designed the Natur Active line for hand care.

Follow simple rules:

— wear rubber gloves during any household manipulation: washing dishes, floors, windows, laundry, etc.

— Always hide your hands in the cold days from the wind and snow in warm mittens;

— regularly use Natur Active for hand care.

This is the most important rule of skin care.

Hand and finger exercises

  1. Open and close your hands.
  2. Sit down at the table and imitate piano playing, trying to keep all fingers moved separately. Lift the toes as high as possible.
  3. Rotate your hand first in one direction, then in another one. Repeat this exercise several times in each direction.
  4. Extend your arms forward. Rotate the hands 10 times clockwise and10 times counterclockwise.
  5. Fold hands and forcefully push them together.
  6. Rotate your hands over your head.
  7. Lift your hands up and then down dramatically, waving them like apair of wings before taking off. Repeat 10 times.
  8. Keep your hands palms down, twist your fingers, the slowly roundabouts turn your hands palms up, revealing the fingers simultaneously. Repeat the sequence of actions in reverse order
  9. Keep your hands down and shake vigorously, at first only with hands, then up to the elbow, and, finally, the whole hand.

Let your hands to be beautiful and manicured with Natur Active.