LASER LIKE SYSTEM The Laser Effect is an innovative, all-inclusive approach to facial, neck and cleavage skin care.

Skin resurfacing and improvement laser treatments are the most popular and noteworthy age correction techniques today.

The principle of skin laser treatment is based on destruction of isolated microscopic areas of epidermis and dermis, which triggers the process of skin cell regeneration in and around those areas. The effect of this is a rejuvenation process.

However, the laser treatment is not without its side-effects:

— edema

— pain―especially in the first three days

— sun sensitivity

— risk of infection

— changes in skin texture: flaking, burns and crusting

— bright red spots in treated areas

 — possibility of complications

Bielita Vitex researchers have developed an efficient and safe alternative to the laser treatment.

The unique Laser Like System series is a line of next-generation cosmetic products capable of solving the following age-related problems:

  • lines
  • changes in facial contours
  • skin sagging
  • enlarged pores
  • loss of skin firmness
  • dull skin tone
  • age-related pigmentation

The Laser Like System line is created specially as daily skin care for women aged over 40.


Laser Like System active ingredients:

Juvinity*, an innovative patented active ingredient that slows down skin cellular aging, provides visible reduction in wrinkles, prolongs the cell life, restructures and tightens the facial, neck and cleavage skin, smooths out the low cleavage area and improves its appearance***.

Clinically proven results:

— reduces wrinkles by 57%**

— tightens dermis by 22.5%***

— evens out skin texture by 80%***

— improves skin firmness by 80%***

— smooths and improves the low cleavage area by up to 94%***

* clinically proven by Sederma, France

** achieved after one month of daily use

*** achieved after two months of daily use

Epidermist™, a one-of-a-kind high-performance natural component that improves cell renewal, reduces the overall area of visible pores, and eliminates surface skin imperfections, making skin smoother, evener and healthier. Reinforces skin's natural immunity and promotes hyaluronic acid synthesis.

BEAUTIFEYE*, a natural active component that protects, reinforces and improves skin around the eyes. Improves capillary integrity, lifts the upper eyelid, reduces crow's feet, and relieves puffiness and dark circles.

Clinically proven results:

— lifts the upper eyelid by up to 91%**

— reduces crow's feet depth by up to 33%***

 — reduces dark circles by up to 30%***

* clinically proven by Sederma, France

** achieved after one month of daily use (in the morning and in the evening)

*** achieved after two months of daily use (in the morning and in the evening)

Hydrofiltrat Menyanthes™, a next-generation antioxidant for skin strengthening. Fights skin sagging and changes in facial contours, improves and promotes collages synthesis, and provides a visible lift effect.

Lumiskin™, a unique component obtained from the bark of the Chilean boldo tree. Possesses superb whitening properties, evens out complexion, reduces age-related pigmentation, and gives skin a natural radiance and impeccable appearance.

Tens’Up™, a complex composed of natural polysaccharides that has a lasting anti-aging effect on skin. Covers skin with a transparent, elastic veil that provides a visible lift effect.

X-PRESSIN-, a stable and five times more effective form of the natural enzyme papain. Its distinctive property is the ability to break up certain proteins, facilitating removal of dead superficial cells. X-pressin™ smooths and tones skin, removing imperfections and ensuring an even skin tone.