DENTAVIT — the secret of your smile!

Dentavit toothpastes help solve seven main problems of an oral cavity:

Prevent tooth enamel caries.

Fight against caries of denuded dental necks.

Remove bacterial dental plaque.

Remove a bad smell from an oral cavity.

Have an antibacterial action: reduce microorganisms in an oral cavity and prevent their development.

Reduce the risk of gum diseases.

Prevent tooth scale formation

efficiency is clinically proven!



Hydroxyapatite is the main ingredient of tooth enamel. Restores

microdamages, desensitizes.

Chitosan* suppresses bacterial growth causing caries. Provides oral mucosa protection and reduces irritation. Promotes bad smell reduction.

Gantrez®+Active fluoride (1500 ppm) and Sodium pyrophosphate ** protect from cavity and tooth stone formation, guarantee fresh breath for a long time.

Potassium Nitrate reduces painful sensitivity to cold, hot, sweet, sour.

Bicarbonate of soda normalizes рН in an oral region, restores the natural whiteness of teeth.

Floradent™ (clove buds, myrrh, witch-hazel, cassia bark) — a patented phytocomplex. Tonifies gums, soothes, kills the pain.

Active calcium strengthens tooth enamel.

Triclosan suppresses growth of bacteria which destroy tooth enamel and cause a bad smell.

The complex of active microgranules is uniformly and proportionally distributed over teeth, effectively deleting spots and clarifying enamel.

Allantoin reduces irritation, heals gums.

Oils of eucalyptus, lemon and orange refresh breath, prevent generation of bacteria.

* Confirmed by data of the Clariant Company, Germany.

** Confirmed by data of the Ashland Company, USA